Little Dragons
4-6 years old

The Little Dragons program focus on children aged 4-6. It is a fun-filled program designed to teach the students core life skills such as confidence, courtesy, respect and self-discipline.

The program helps to develop not only the physical capabilities, but also the life skills from an early age

Isn't that a little young?
Absolutely not! Parents who enroll their children in our Little Dragons Program are often amazed by the results. Not only does our program increase a child's confidence, but it also teaches them techniques to defend themselves and to avoid bullying situations.

Skills for Success in Life
Little Dragons life skills include valuable pre-school lessons such as confidence, courtesy, respect, and self-discipline. Children develop and enhance these life skills as they grow as individuals and advance in our program. A clearly noticeable and positive difference in your child’s outlook, attitude, and behavior can be expected after just a few classes in our amazing Little Dragons program.

Healthy Habits Start Early
Kids today are constantly exposed to so many distractions that their senses can get overloaded. More screen time and less street time can lead to detachment from others, and the lack of physical activity can lead to health problems. In our programs, kids are active and engaged with others around them in a fun and friendly environment. This fosters the social development they need to work with others, and do well in school and beyond.


Karate Kids
Ages 6-12

The Karate Kids program builds on the life skills learned as a Little Dragon it builds and develop new skills like focus, discipline, integrity and perseverance, These skills will stay with them all their life.

The program helps your child to be more active and healthy.

Our Karate Kids get more than just kicks and punches. They gain the Confidence and Skills to stand up to bullies. They learn the importance of setting and achieving goals. They realize that they can do anything they set their minds to. Oh, let's not forget the exercise and a little quality time away from electronics


Teens and Adults
Age 12+

Are you looking for a fun way to get in shape and to stay in shape? Legacy Taekwondo can help! Our adult classes focus on fitness – from cardio to strength training to flexibility, we make sure you receive a full body workout in every class.  The classes are all taught in a fun, laid back, safe, and great atmosphere to be motivated in.

Many adults are nervous and apprehensive about trying class at first, but we promise that once you give it a try you’ll be hooked! It doesn’t matter what age you are or what skill level you have, we will make sure you feel comfortable and confident in every class you take. Every workout can be modified for any level, from beginner to advanced – we will help you look and feel your best! We tell all our adults that it’s never too late to start!

Call us today to speak with an instructor about trying your first class! What have you got to lose?

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